What The Hell . . .?

Did Our President of Our United States just invite Vladimir Putin, former KGB power-man-now-Russian President, to the White House in Our Washington, D.C. to further talks after the debacle in Helsinki?


To do what? Further toady up to the Russian dictator (oh yes, he is!) and further make nice with the guy who denies any interference with  an American election? – and further, indicate belief  in that denial in spite of what his own American intelligence says?

I am not the brightest kid on the block, and I don’t make a habit of proclaiming my beliefs to anyone but my family and closest friends, but this is beyond the limits of being a Pollyanna who freely gives the other person the benefit of a doubt.

This is MY country being drowned. “Make America Great Again” my pussy-foot!

I don’t want to hear it about “fake news.” Everyone who watched the Helsinki summit and everyone who heard the groveling words that undermined American Intelligence and gave credence to Russian denial should understand we – this, our country – stands on a dangerous precipice. We have a president with a mega-ego besotted with men who wield total power and control. We have a president who would like that same control over we, the people, and we have a president who already wields a great deal of power as president. I might add, he has managed to gather those around him who don’t dare cross him, and has given them positions of power. Scary.

That I don’t like this man is well known through omission of saying nice things about him. I’ve never liked him as a human being, not since I watched two episodes of his TV show and thought, “wow, enough of this.” I believe he is a bully, not  nearly as intelligent as he thinks he is, definitely a womanizer (no, I don’t pity beautiful Melania, who, I think, is very smart and has her future well documented and secure) and I think he was more surprised than anyone that he actually flummoxed enough people to win the highest honor in our land.

For you who are still “Trumpers” — check with Snopes every time you think something printed or said is fake. They’re harbingers of truth and tell it straight. If you can’t find fact there, read. Watch. Look beyond what you think you’re hearing and seeing. I’ll say it again. Our country is in danger. A sickness is growing within us and few have had the courage to prescribe the cure.

This is MY country. As it is yours. For my part, I don’t want to be the ostrich who gets her backside burned because she didn’t speak out..