Temperature Rising

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I’ve lived a long time, voted and seen many presidents take the oath of office.

NEVER have I seen, worried about, prayed about, focused on the returns of a presidential election as this one in 2020. It caps a year to end all years and right now, this very minute, Joe Biden has taken the lead in Pennsylvania, a determining factor in the race to victory.

Nothing is projected yet because there is not yet the level of confidence that Donald Trump cannot overtake Joe Biden. Yes, I said, cannot.

So more votes are awaited, some thirty thousand, and meantime, I cannot leave any source of information, whether it be CNN, Public radio, or the news venues on my Kindle and cell phone. Wherever I am, my mind. my heart, nerves, hopes, are focused on this election.

It’s that important!

We’ve watched a sitting president villify the voting system, calling for a halt to the counting and praise for the areas lifting him above his contender. We heard lies about fraud, about irregularities in voting, about intentions of never conceding.

It will not be over, though, even when the final count proclaims a victor. To expect a peaceful transfer of power is to expect, yes, pigs to fly, the moon to turn to green cheese, the sun to rise in the west. And that is scary.

It’s scary.

Our country is divided, and that is primarily due to the past four years with a president intent on division. It’s no secret that I dislike Donald Trump.

I believe him to be a bully, uncaring, totally engrossed in himself, not the country, and determined to rule according to his whims, ignoring the constitution. That he has held the Republican party in a tight fist with no challenges is not a surprise.

It’s politics and power and where there is power so goes the party.

My prayer is for Joe Biden. My prayer is that he can temper the division in the country and that he can moderate the current dissention over the next four years.

Watching the events of the last four years, and the acceleration of the divisions that began long before the Trump administration, I know it will take divine intervention.

But in Joe Biden we have a president with empathy for the people of our country, a president who will listen, who will try to make us better.

I’ll leave it there. So much more is yet to come, and I want to be present and aware of the very moment Donald Trump is defeated.

I want to take a breath. I want to feel thankful. I want to hope.