Thinking Out Loud

So, the public impeachment hearings have begun. And no, this isn’t a political post. I’ve had enough of politics. But I do wonder what we, the people, have become. Seems to be a lot of need for bigger, better, and more, whether it’s house, car, status, or money. Seems to be more divisiveness, less inclination to listen, fewer attempts to find common ground.

And yes, as I become more concerned about the downward spiral of life in general, I do turn more to the teachings of God. The Bible is much more than a table book. Open it to the Old Testament and read the story of the Israelites forty-year journey to the Promised Land. Notice that God’s patience lasted for a very long time but that it did come to an end. The Israelites paid for their infidelity.

It didn’t mean God stopped loving them. More like he was being a parent.

As I write this, there is news of another school shooting, this one in California. It makes me wonder when we will learn — through too many deaths, empty pews, rejections, closed minds, greed — that God is still in charge, and is still the parent whose patience will end.

I believe absolutely in God’s judgment, as well as his love and forgiveness. Maybe it’s time to look around, get on our knees, and offer some heartfelt prayers.