Writing Senior


I know. My first WordPress blog. And there are so many things to write about.

First, I want to thank WordPress. I’ve been following Kathy and WordPress Bloggers for a while, now, and always find something worthwhile to remember and use. I’ve been a writer for a long time and love words. Using them to set a mood, tell a story, light a fire, gentle one down, fly to a different place, is magic. And magic is one of my favorite words because it describes what every writer creates..

Next subject on my mind is age. Seems when a person reaches a certain point in life, stereotypes gain in importance – well, not importance, actually, but they begin to have an impact. Maxine, for example, who is funny, funny, funny. But her boobs droop, she forgets a lot, her libido is a wreck, and she’s reached an age where she speaks her mind and tough if you don’t like it. She’s sort of become the prototype for how we look at someone who’s a certain age.

I love Maxine but I don’t want to be her. I want to keep writing, keep dreaming, keep reaching for whatever – be it a finished novel, a new article, a new post to my new blog.

In terms of years lived, I qualify as (I hate hate hate this word) old. Heck, I don’t feel old. My mind still works. I love technology, most of it, and if I’ve a problem with my computer or cell phone, at least one super geek son or daughter can make it right. But that would have been just as true thirty years ago. I’m not a technical person, never have been, so being “older” doesn’t make me less able to understand the new stuff. I have never fully understood it. I still function/fumble until  something happens just as I always did. And being “older” (I refuse to use the word “old”) means all those years of living created stories younger people never heard. Being a “Writing Senior” means I have accumulated a warehouse full of stuff to use in whatever wordy way I choose.

So can you. Part of the reason for choosing to write about and for and to those who have reached years in the double digits is because nobody stops functioning at rocking chair age. OKAY! I’m talking seventies, maybe even sixties, and eighties into however many years we live. So I suppose this blog is my way of highlighting writers in the senior range – who they are, how they write, how the new social media helps, hinders, is ignored by them. You’ll have to bear with my own opinionated beliefs, but I’ll try to keep those to a bare minimum. And if you have suggestions, know someone who defies the stereotypical classification of – you know – THAT word, let me know.

Oh. Yes. That is me up there in the rocker.  I often sit there with my laptop and write.